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Yours Truly by Faseega (Pty) Ltd


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074 290 4712 





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Categories: Plumbing;Woodworking, Repairs.


I am Faseega Peters, founder of Yourstrulyby Faseega (Pty) Ltd


We Create Pretty.

Yours Truly by Faseega PTY Ltd is a registered woman-owned business since 2020 that started off in Mitchells Plain.

My business is what I like to call, an “accidental business”.

I started off my business by sewing handmade turbans for my baby girl, solely for the purpose of giving her an identity as she had always been mistaken for a boy by onlookers. The turbans instantly transformed my daughter's appearance by adding a hint of femininity. I loved the turbans so much, that I started making them for myself. I sewed matching sets for Amaal and me to wear together, it was so much fun playing dress-up with my baby. People loved it, we were always complimented and asked where the turbans had been bought.

This small gesture had a significant impact on another community who suffered the same identity issues, cancer patients. An acquaintance approached me and asked whether I could make a turban for a friend undergoing cancer treatment. Of course, I agreed and took on the challenge. The turban was a resounding success!

Thereafter, the turbans became a big hit amongst cancer patients who needed to reclaim their confidence after losing their hair to chemotherapy. 

The turbans became a game changer and it quickly turned into a business venture as an increasing amount of people enquired about the turbans. By word of mouth and onlookers, this business quickly grew and has expanded to creating pretty hair accessories, personalized outfits, customized gift sets, baby shower sets that include swaddles, versatile apparel, workwear, work uniforms as well as embroidery. We cater to all body types and all ages.

Yourstruly, currently trades from the Fashion Cube in Table Bay Mall, WOW Chic Boutique which is an online woman owned platform. We can also be found on social media platforms and local markets. 

To date the business has gained a permanent buyer for embroidered aprons and turbans through Classic Butchery in Mitchells Plain and Pelican Park. I have also outsourced my work to 4 ladies from the community who works from home as my workspace is not an ideal environment to take on the amount of orders I have been getting.

I have a dream, I have a goal, and that is to grow my business while uplifting the community and creating an empire my children can be proud of. I want to inspire our youth, inspire our woman and create employment opportunities for this community. It is my dream to open my own boutique so that I can supply spaces to other designers.


Yours truly




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