The Mitchell's Plain's Chamber of Commerce

Integrated Development Plan 2027

What Are you Planning for 2027?


If you don't have a plan to succeed and don't have a vision of where you plan to be in 2027, then you don't plan to succeed and you will need to be happy with wherever you are in 5 years time.


In April 2026 Mitchell's Plain will turn 50 years old!  50 years will have passed since the Student Uprising of 1976 and 100 years will have passed since some of the most crippling laws were passed into effect to limit the opportunities of our communities.

Every year that goes by that we acknowledge that we are not the people we want to be and that we are worth more, want more and can do more.


The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) of any City is not a political document for only people interested in  what the politicians are talking about.  When you look around you and you have an idea of how a wasted piece of land can be used to make the lives of your neighbours and your family better, then you should be taking note of the plan.  In fact you should be sending in your proposals of what you feel that piece of wasted space could be used for.


Whether you are living in Westridge, 7de Laan, Lost City or Colorado, this plan is important to you and everyone in your house and in your profession life.


Plein Chamber has made a comprehensive submission to the City of Cape Town in response to their call fo comments on the planned IDP.  We have made it clear that Mitchell's Plain has its own priorities and that these must be acknowledged and prioritised.  The priorities that we feel need to be addressed built around what we, as a business community, have recognised as areas of concern to be addressed through any Integrated Development Plans and they are based on the fact that there are:

  1. Zero International Call Centre operations
  2. Zero Business Parks
  3. Zero head offices of any listed companies
  4. Zero Government funded Small Business Support physical structures
  5. Zero Business Incubator Programs
  6. Zero Degree based graduate programs offered
  7. Zero Post Grad programs
  8. Zero Commercial Research Programs registered
  9. Small scale industrial parks (2 hives that are bursting at their seams)
  10. High cost of land for commercial use

Please consider completing our online survey if you support what we have proposed in our submission.