The Mitchell's Plain's Chamber of Commerce

 Plein Chamber history


  • Established in 2016 with the first leadership team elected in January 2017.
  • Researched and facilitated the development of a common long term vision for Mitchell's Plain, which was presented to both sub-council 12 and sub-council 23 in July 2017.
  • Registered as a Primary Cooperative in 2018
  • Successfully promoted Mitchell's Plain as a destination to the point that Parliament was moved to Mitchell's Plain for the State Of The Province address before the Pandemic caused a lock-down of all our economic activities in February 2020.
  • We have been the custodians of the Mitchell's Plain Vision 2076 project since then.

Our Mission

To permanently and radically transform our local economy to the benefit of Mitchell’s Plain and the surrounding areas  through

  1. The ongoing development of Local Business Opportunities & Local Business Infrastructure
  2. Encouraging & supporting the growth of Student & Guest House facilities
  3. The development of a strong Tourism & Entertainment sector
  4. The development of a vibrant Textiles & Manufacturing Sector
  5. Attraction of businesses into Mitchell’s Plain based Business Parks
  6. Establishment of an Innovation Support Centre that helps Mitchell’s Plain based inventors to position their 4th Industrial Revolution inventions internationally
  7. Partnering with all Civic, NGO & NPO bodies that share our goals and visions
  8. The establishment of Mitchell’s Plain as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Mitchell's Plain's Vision 2076

Through the establishment phase of a new economy it is essential that all of the people of Mitchell's Plain  carry a common vision that everyone can align their own business's goals to.  The goals that we have set over a year of workshops with our members.  The following image is a high level overview of that vision.